The Toilet Assignment

Season 3 Episode “Nemesis”

In this scene, Sloane is now a double agent with the CIA and The Covenant. And Sydney is his CIA handler. And unlike Sloane, she is not very happy about her new assignment. But, as always, she finds a way to make things work out for the best and gives a smart response.  And when Sloane tries a smart come back, she completely ignores him with a professional straight face and proceeds to give him his orders.

Arvin Sloane: “Sydney, I was very pleased when Dixon said you’d agreed to be my handler.”


Sydney Bristow: “It was an assignment, not an agreement – the way a janitor doesn’t agree to clean a toilet. But as your handler, you’ll do as I say, when I say it. I select your assignments; I design your missions. I control you, not the other way around.”


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